Chia Plots as a Service

Already got funding for this, just updating the forum.

View the full code and readme here: GitHub - Fluffy9/Instaplot: a decentralized SaaS for generating Chia plots on the Akash network


a decentralized SaaS for generating Chia plots on the Akash network


I think these two technologies complement each other very well.

Chia is a blockchain based on Proof of Space and Time. You farm it by first generating “plots”. Then you store these plots on your hard drive and run the farming software to win coins (which is basically a lottery ticket until pooling is available). Although farming plots is very easy and lightweight, filling your hard drive with the plots can be a very intensive process. To optimize potential rewards, you need to fill your drives quickly so that you have more plots than anyone else. To fill your drives quickly, you need:

  1. The hardware to generate the plot files faster.
  2. Multiple machines so you can plot in parallel.
  3. To spend as little as possible in order to increase the chances that you’ll make a return on your investment.

You could buy the hardware outright, but that’s a huge investment that not everyone can or should make.

The big cloud platforms (AWS, GCP) will have the hardware you want, enough of them, and the prices look ok on the surface. The hidden cost here is bandwidth, which may cost you 5-10 dollars alone.

You could purchase from another plot generating SaaS. Usually that would be run by someone who has made a large investment in hardware, but they may still not have enough to plot many plots in parallel.

Akash network is a decentralized cloud platform. Anyone can provide their own hardware to the network and receive income. In theory, it should have hardware you want in large quantity and at affordable prices (currently they aren’t charging for bandwidth at least). We’ll soon figure out if that’s currently the case, or at least drive some more adoption. :grin: