Change akash data directory from ~/.akash/data to /media/<user>/<drive>/akash/data

I feel like this is a basic question, but I am having a hard time finding an answer with google, Discord or the CLI help. My SSD doesn’t have enough space for the data (blockchain?) which goes into the data directory. How can I set a custom directory for Akash data and config?

Hi, you can copy your current ~/.akash directory (not just data) to a new location, and then whenever you’re using the akash binary, pass in a --home flag to point to the new location of .akash, e.g. --home /media/user/drive/.akash

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Thank you SpacePotato

Do you think I could use a symbolic link between the two directories? This is my first time seriously learning about computers, and I just learned about the symbolic link while starting an nginx server. Not sure what the limitations are yet.


Hey WhisperingShiba, I’ve not tried it myself, but I don’t see why not if done properly. I personally like to pass --home because it’s more explicit.

For posterity’s sake:
Creating symbolic links works

sudo ln -s /media/{user}/{drive_name}/akash/data /home/{user}/.akash
sudo ln -s /media/{user}/{drive_name}/akash/config /home/{user}/.akash

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