Challenge: Solana RPC Cluster Akash

Having a dedicated Solana RPC clusters that’s local to your app improves the performs significantly better than using a shared one. Akash is a decentralized cloud that offers to compute at one-third the cost of AWS, perfect for cost-efficient workloads.

I’m offering 1000 AKT for the best guide to run a scalable Solana RPC cluster on Akash.

The best guide will be selected by the Akash Core Team.

Must have:

  • Fully Load Balanced RPC cluster
  • Fault Tolerance (see Cosmos Omnibus for example)
  • Code sample in a public repository (GitHub)

Extra Points:

  • Git-based deploy flow to updates to RPC server
  • Multi-sig for Deploy Keys

Submission Ends: September 3rd, 2021

Winner Announcement: September 29th, 2021



I noticed that the official documentation for Solana doesn’t recommend utilizing Docker for production, but rather for development purposes only. Should we use their Docker image for this, or what is this task? It sounds like Solana on Akashnet is as far as we need it to be - unless you want it to be a fully working PoC for some reason?