Challenge: Decentralized alternative to Pastebin

Hi there :wave:

Im here to intruduce my project for the Skynet+Akash challenge called “Capsule”.

Capsule is a decentralized alternative to Pastebin with more features, utilizing real time Skynet backups and decentralization with Akash backend for discovery.

Why is Capsule better then Pastebin?

  1. Security and Privacy
    In rewards to Skynet, Capsule is completely decentralized which means no single authority is controlling everything making it more secure and allowing more privacy.

  2. Single account for all Web Apps
    Removed the need for additional accounts and the pain of storing X number of different account details, with Skynet’s MySky, every user owns their unique key pair, which is the users whole identity.
    Another advantage is sharing data between different skapps (skynet web apps), so if you setup MySky with your username and a profile picture, which ever skapp you visit it will use the same username and profile picture. You can learn more about MySky here, and if u are interesting into trying it out, here is my another skapp project SkyChat.

  3. UI Improvements
    Pastebin’s UI is not bad, but it can definitely be way better which Capsule aims towards, we plan on it to be cleaner and way easier to use, brining me to next point.

  4. Features
    Currently Pastebin is plain text only, but we plan on adding features like bold/italic fonts, hyperlinks, numbered and dotted lists, blockquote, images, emojis and so forth, allowing the sharing of nice written text over Skylinks, this could be a use case for essays, assignments and ideas in general.

The goal for the project is to have a proof of concept by the end of the deadline.

Funding for the project would be appreciated :heart:
address: akash1k4w6y49n4svqd0wf2yw9gmscjplj9syqvuyd0u

Opened to hear your thoughts on the project and if its suitable for this challenge :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Hey this is a great idea.
I sent you some AKT!