Censure Allnodes for insecure VaaS practices

Censure Allnodes

In recent days it has come to our attention that allnodes.com has informed customers of its VaaS service that:

  • It is possible for allnodes.com to hold validator seed phrases, while claiming to operate in a non custodial manner.
  • Deleting these seed phrases on allnodes.com after allnodes.com has sent them to their customers via a web based DM means that the seed phrases are no longer compromised.

Here is a document on the depths of compromise on Luna classic:

In cryptocurrency, custodial services hold cryptographic secrets. Non custodial services do not. Allnodes is distributing false information to cosmos and placing Akash at risk, as illustrated by the following screenshots:

Vote YES to censure allnodes.com for irresponsible key management.

Vote NO to affirm allnodes.com claims

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