CAB Meeting #1 - Jan 5, 2022

Google Meet

Facilitator for this Meeting:
Alani Kuye

Agenda :

  1. Welcome message
  2. CAB Restructuring for 2022
  3. CAB Ratification
  4. Grant Application: Awesome Jitsi on Akash
  5. Grant Application: Educational Akash
  6. Grant Application: MOONBYS
  7. MOONBY’s Presentation (10 Minutes) + Q & A
  8. Voting
  9. Agenda for 2nd meeting.

This meeting will be recorded and meeting minutes will be shared.


I am clicking on Google Meet here but it is not opening for me.

sorry I missed it!

Seems like the meeting’s recording is missing here.

Hello, the meeting record is on it’s own thread.


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