Bug in provider when creating manual bids

I’m finishing up my GUI app (dashboard photo below to get excited about) for hosts to easily deploy Akash clusters and found what seems like a bug.

I’m running into the issue in the provider when I place a bid manually (placing the bid outside of the provider auto-bidder). Basically when the bid gets accepted/lease is created the provider either wont pick up the lease or wont find the manifest. I have some pretty detailed notes below:

How to replicate:

  1. In a terminal (lets call it client CLI for naming purposes) : Create an order for providers to bid on
  2. On the host CLI: start up the provider, and for the sake of this bug: set your price per milliCPU to something that won’t bid on the order you created (aka: 1000000uakt)
  3. After the provider is up/synced, in a separate host-side terminal: create a new bid on the client CLI order for a sane price.
  4. On the client CLI: you’ll see the bid come in, and then create a lease for it.
  5. The lease tx will go thru successfully on the client CLI
  6. Now when the client CLI sends a manifest, the client receives an error and the provider receives the manifest, however claims it does not have a lease (despite you can clearly lookup open leases for the provider in the CLI outside the provider).
  7. On restart of the provider it gets weirder: 1 open lease, 0 manifests found. Now when the client CLI sends the manifest, the provider sees it come in, however throws an error “error looking up manifest : not found“

Some specifics on the session:

Client: akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf
Provider: akash1mqnj2euks0aq82q0f2tknz6kua6zdfn97kmvhj

Provider Log when it syncs (indicating host prices are too high for my targeted order) :
I[2021-08-25|22:11:38.155] Price too high, not bidding module=bidengine-order order=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629/1/1 price=10000000uakt max-price=3000uakt

After client sends manifest:

  1. Client receives error:
    provider: akash1mqnj2euks0aq82q0f2tknz6kua6zdfn97kmvhj
    status: FAIL
    error: remote server returned 404
    Error: submit manifest to some providers has been failed

Host logs for manifest: Provider receives manifest, however doesn’t have a lease for it:::

I[2021-08-25|22:24:30.411] manifest received module=manifest-manager deployment=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629
D[2021-08-25|22:24:30.411] emit received events skips due to no leases module=manifest-manager deployment=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629 data= leases=0 manifests=0
I[2021-08-25|22:24:30.568] data received module=manifest-manager deployment=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629 version=334c0e8a8d9b593fbbe9167ad8798dc14fc11e5cae2065a6f2e4663dea551d17
D[2021-08-25|22:24:30.568] emit received events skips due to no leases module=manifest-manager deployment=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629 data="deployment:<deployment_id:<owner:“akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf” dseq:2381629 > state:active version:“3L\016\212\215\233Y?\273\351\026z\330y\215\301O\301\036\\\256 e\246\362\344f=\352U\035\027” created_at:2381631 > groups:<group_id:<owner:“akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf” dseq:2381629 gseq:1 > state:open group_spec:<name:“earth-lab0” requirements:<signed_by:<> > resources:<resources:<cpu:<units:<val:“100” > > memory:<quantity:<val:“536870912” > > storage:<quantity:<val:“536870912” > > endpoints:<> > count:1 price:<denom:“uakt” amount:“3000” > > > created_at:2381631 > escrow_account:<id:<scope:“deployment” xid:“akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629” > owner:“akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf” state:open balance:<denom:“uakt” amount:“5000000” > transferred:<denom:“uakt” amount:“0” > settled_at:2381760 > " leases=0 manifests=0

And after restarting the provider: Now it sees the lease but no manifest.

I[2021-08-25|22:27:36.789] found existing leases module=provider-manifest count=1
I[2021-08-25|22:27:36.789] new lease module=manifest-manager deployment=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629 lease=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629/1/1/akash1mqnj2euks0aq82q0f2tknz6kua6zdfn97kmvhj
D[2021-08-25|22:27:36.789] emit received events skipped module=manifest-manager deployment=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629 data= leases=1 manifests=0
I[2021-08-25|22:27:36.947] data received module=manifest-manager deployment=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629 version=334c0e8a8d9b593fbbe9167ad8798dc14fc11e5cae2065a6f2e4663dea551d17
And when the client sends the manifest, it sees it as a pass, however the provider logs an error: E[2021-08-25|22:28:45.947] error looking up manifest module=provider-cluster cmp=service err=“not found” lease=akash1fnc04mjln6y0y7qgkkz9nwkjane50nnjxq32yf/2381629/1/1/akash1mqnj2euks0aq82q0f2tknz6kua6zdfn97kmvhj group-name=earth-lab0

Hi @earthlab,

Really cool idea!

The workflow you’re describing - creating bids manually, outside of the provider process - isn’t quite supported right now. We’ll look into what it would take, tho.

Much appreciated! Yeah it always seems like there’s an order just under what I set my provider to bid on so having a way to manually bid if I see it in the open orders list (screenshot below) would be epic. In the meantime: On my end I can just hide the bid button in the orders UI until it’s supported as the provider does do it’s job for the most part. I can likely also just list a min|max|average price per milliCPU from open orders and suggest it in the UI where I start the provider so that users aren’t confused if they set their price way too high.
Thanks again for the quick reply nonetheless

Hi EarthLab!

I really like the GUI solution!
Is it available, can it be downloaded somewhere?
A non-programmer of my own would benefit from such a tool.
I would be happy to provide a cloud service on the AKASH network.
Thank you for your response!

Hi, Thanks for checking in! We just released HandyHost into beta this past week actually. There are a series of YouTube videos we put out describing each project in depth starting with this one: HandyHost Introduction - YouTube
There are also links to hardware builds and software in the descriptions.

Thank you for your answer!
I really like the app!
I appreciate their work!