Blockchain Governance : COMPLETE

:wave: Hey content creators!

We’re looking to reward the best written blog on Blockchain Governance. Details below.


  • Write a blog that explores how governance works in blockchain
  • Explain why it’s important
  • Explore all the properties of blockchain governance
  • Differences between POS and POW
  • What the future of governance looks like eg. DAOs
  • 800 - 1000 word blog post


  • 100 AKT to the best guide
  • We will create a social post and credit the writer of the guide on our channels
  • You might even get a little swag for your effort.

If you’d like to participate, follow the steps below:

  1. Draft a “Blockchain Governance” Guide
  2. Reply to this post with a public google doc link containing your blog and share below.
  3. We will review all entrants
  4. One winner will be selected
  5. We will edit your post if needed, create a graphics for it and post to our social channel

:star: Optional - Create a video to go along with the written guide.

Deadline for submissions is 9/16

If you have any questions, let us know in the thread below. Thanks all, we can’t wait to review your submissions!


Hey Akash Community,

here is our first contribution: Blockchain Governance - Google Docs


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Hi adam here is the entry,

Please, have a look at it,


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Here’s my entry;
Blockchain Governance

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Here is my entry:

Blockchain Governance will change everything!


How cool! I love this and had loads of fun writing the article, feel free to edit away if you choose mine:

Awesome challenge, I’m looking forward to any future ones! :smiley:

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It took me and my team a lot of effort and research to come up with the latest information on blockchain governance exploring various possibilities and taking a deep dive into various alternatives that exist with the future of blockchain governance. Here is our submission- Blockchain Governance - Google Docs


Hi Adam,
Here is the link to my blog submission:
Blockchain Governance Guide

Really enjoyed writing this and making these dense topics as digestible as possible for all. Cheers!

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My calendar says it’s still the 16th :sweat_smile:
Either way I enjoyed getting to explore it and build my portfolio! Thank you!

Blockchain Governance blog


Note: All images and tables used in this article have been created by me otherwise the creator has been duly tagged in the blog.

Hey all - Thank you for you submissions.

We are reviewing and will announce a winner soon.

Stay tuned! :heart:


Hi, Adam, any update on the winner please?

Hey @tonymakk - We did. Sorry for not adding to the thread.