[BETA] Hosting Game Servers on Akash Network

Continuing the discussion from [UPDATE] Hosting Game Servers on Akash Network:

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m excited to say the project has came to a working Alpha / Beta version, but what happened past 2 months?

Well first I snagged akashservers.com domain, then the react app was made based of the design shown last time, discovered awesome-akash repository, where I will be using the Minecraft example to deploy the servers. Now I also found a server where I will be hosting the project, and the akashservers.com should be online, but if it isn’t here is video/photo demo in meantime.

As you can see the setup/guide page has a beta deploy button, this is only a momentarily solution which deploys a default Minecraft server, just to have the web app “working”, configuration of the deployment will be done through UI, questions, guides and so on. And I also thought about having few presets for a fast deployment.

Need a survival server for your friends? It would be just one click away.

Now @AlaniAKT mentioned when I have a working Alpha / Beta version I can present to CAB and apply for grants, so what’s the process I need to follow for that?

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Hello, I find this idea to be highly interesting and was wondering if you’d be interested in discussing a possible partnership/ collaboration? I have previous experience with game server hosting and setup. My discord is 31trainman#087-

This idea is very interesting, any updates on it?