Awesome Jitsi on Akash

Project Title: Awesome Jitsi on Akash

Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve?

Self hosted video conferencing tools are pretty popular among internet communities and also in crypto projects/communities, I think this could be the first Awesome Akash fully working and well documented SDL for secure and reliable video application running on Akash Network (I’ll love develop it).

Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish?

  • Deploy a fully working Jitsi node on Akash
  • Develop a easy to follow guide to succesfully deploy the services
  • Stream on Youtube from Akash Jitsi node
  • Create the first Videoconferencing SDL on Awesome Akash project
  • Improve my skills on Akash

Impact: What impact will this project have?

Every person around the world how knows the importance of privacy will love the possibility to meet into Jitsi decentralized Web3 secure videoconferencing application.

I think this could be a great publicity for Akash Network.

Budget: How much funding will this require?

600 AKT

Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?

3 weeks

Team: Are you looking for additional team members?

This project could be done as solo.

Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?

I think a weekly reports in the forum could be enough but I’m open to other ways.

Design: Do you have any mock ups or screenshots?

I think is no needed.

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This would be nice to see. I have been working on the same for few weeks with mixed results. I finally got it to work with more than 2 participants in Akash.


This sounds interesting and innovative. I will put it in the pipeline for a grant proposal. Please keep an eye out for an update on this.


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Love this idea. It would be even cooler if there was some kind of a business that could pop up as a result.


Looks neat! Well done!

Yes, I love the idea but it means extra time and resources.

We can think in something like with Jitsi and Akash as second stage. I mean a web dApp that allows easy deploy of your own private and ephemeral or persistent instance of web3 videoconferencing, the business plan in the format of a Grant Proposal 2022 could be an additional output of this project.

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Hi @AlaniAKT, do you have any news about this?

@jfinlay Do you have an alpha version you are able to present to the CAB at the next CAB meeting in February?

Hi, I don’t have an alpha, when is the next CAB?

The next CAB meeting is on the 9th of February. You need to have an Alpha or Beta (even with minimal functionality) in order to present to the CAB.


Ok, but maybe I can’t be in CAB meeting cause Febrary 9 will be a very busy day for me, but I can make a 5 to 10 minutes video presenting the idea and the alpha or beta. what do you think about it, works for you?

If you can’t be present then we can schedule you for the next CAB meeting in March. You can still create a video that will be shared with the CAB so that if they have any questions they can share beforehand.

Hi Alani, my schedule change for Feb 9th then I can make the presentation with alpha or something more.


I have you scheduled for the March CAB meeting. We have 3 presenters already plugged-in for Feb. 9th.


Great, see you there.

Hello @jfinlay , are you ready to present at next weeks CAB meeting? Agenda will be going out shortly, and I am available to help with any preparation.