Arweave (AR) Mining on Akash

Has anyone looked into trying to mine Arweave (AR) on Akash and whether or not it is feasible?

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I’m looking into it. Do you have experience with Arweave mining? Do you know where I can download a snapshot of a recent copy of the full 15/22GB Weave?

I think we should offer a quick and easy way for miners to bootstrap their miners and run them on

We will have an announcement and a challenge soon.


I don’t have any experience with Arweave mining. I was hoping it would be feasible on Akash similar to how the PKT mining works, as opposed to buying my own hardware. I look forward to the announcement and challenge!

I mined Arweave for a while but gave up on it in the meantime. Right now you need a fast NVMe with good randomread performance. With the weave around 26GB means you can only store about 1/3 even if you have an expensive 8TB NVME. They are lowering the requirements to use HDDs in the next release. The one big issue with it is that it requires a fast AMD processor since it uses RandomX so Intel processors don’t work that well. A few weeks ago when I put the project on pause the network difficulty was sky high. There is an online calculator one of the pools released but it is very overly optimistic. I mined for close to a week on a Ryzen 9 3900X (13K h/s) with 8TB of weave on NVMe and never hit a block.

Some people we’re claiming success with multiple NVMEs in a RAID 0 setup as it helps with the disk IO. I have a few servers with about ~110TB of storage in JBOD config I was using for Chia (yea I gave up on that too) so I will definitely revisit at some point.

It looks like an interesting project and I intend to revisit it. How profitable it would be on a cloud setup is up in the air.

I am new to Akash BTW my first post. Thought I would share my experience. If someone wants to work on this together at some point I’d be glad to contribute. I’m working on setting up a Akash node as we speak (downloading the blockchain). I’ve got a few Supermicro Epyc servers and some consumer grade stuff with business class internet (300/300 mbs) so i’m definitely going to experiment with becoming a small provider, just to learn more.

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