ArGoApp Protocol: Integrating Akash Network for Heroku-like experience

Project Title: ArGoApp Protocol: Integrating Akash Network for Heroku-like experience

Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve?

ArGoApp Protocol is a deployment aggregator platform working toward mass adoption of dWeb Infrastructure. We have already integrated Arweave & Skynet to provide static site deployment for the users. We offer better tooling than what is already present in their ecosystem to deploy websites on these protocols.

The same abstraction layer we want to build around Akash for devs interested in executing their ideas faster instead of learning the tech stack.

Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish?

We will be building a Heroku-like abstraction layer where users of ArGoApp will be able to deploy their full-stack app in few steps.

How are we making it easy for dev? By following these simple User Journey:

  • A user would be able to log in with Identity Providers to our platform.
  • They can choose which protocol they want to deploy their web services.
  • Pass the container registry name or connect our GitHub app with their org and choose a repo.
  • If the user has chosen to go with GitHub repo deployment, our deployer task will clone the repo and build a docker image out of it and push it to our (ArGoApp’s) public registries.
  • Users can then select how much compute power they need for that service.
  • We will abstract out the actual compute details rather users can choose how many Argon they require.
  • Users will provide port details and add port policies to their web services.
  • Users will select the region.
  • Users can pass all the environment variables required for the service.
  • That’s all, users can click on the deploy button, and the platform will handle everything from the backend side.
  • Later we will add advanced parameters for deployment that can get customized based on user requirements. (Not in the initial Alpha release)

We will be managing user deployment using our wallet, which always will be prefilled with AKTs, and users can pay the platform in terms of $ARGO tokens.

ArGoApp users can view their deployed service, logs, edit deployed services, stop service, DNS configurations, and billing details in one place.

Team and ArGoApp community will get incentivized to build tooling likes notification services, automation tools, etc.

Even we can create many templates and create a marketplace where users can use Akash in few clicks. Templates of WordPress, Validator Nodes, Web scrappers, Discourse App, etc.

Templates getting listed in the marketplace can be done by the team in the early phase and later can be done on a proposal basis.

A user can check out any template from our marketplace and directly deploy them on Akash with a single click.

*Argon - A term used in our system/platform to indicate how much computing power requires for deployment. If the user choose more than 1 Argons, it will get multiplied as such

  • 1 Argon = 1 CPU, 0.5Gi RAM, 0.5Gi Disk or Storage

*Port Policy - It is defined by the platform to denote which port they want to connect to their service port.

  • Service port will be tunneled through port 80 if the user chooses HTTP
  • If users choose HTTPS, then their service port will be tunneled through port 443.

Impact: What impact will this project have?

The impact will be huge as developers will get a simpler interface to deploy and manage their web services on Akash. The deployment experience is still a barrier for average developers. This will allow developers to focus more on developing cool products rather than thinking about how to host them on Akash Network.

Budget: How much funding will this require?

We are looking for a $100k Grant from Akash Network. The usage will be only toward the development and marketing for Akash Network. The breakup is as follows:

  • Development & Operation Cost: 60%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Platform Usage and Reserve: 20%

Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?

We will be releasing our 1st MVP (or Alpha) by October Mid. Further development milestones will be coming up as we integrate Akash Network.

Team: Are you looking for additional team members?

Yes, we already have a team of 6 people but we are still growing and would love to get some more backend developers who have the infrastructure and cloud-native experience.

Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?

We are flexible with anything, we can share our development reports on the forum thread as well as weekly calls.

Design: Do you have any mock-ups or screenshots?

We were able to build our deployer task script to deploy containers on Akash. We are using the Akash CLI internally to deploy and manage deployments. Testing has been successful. The only thing left is our APIs and UI. Everything is closed source right now.

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Sounds awesome

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Very cool project. If you can fill out a grant application I think this is something the CAB should review for funding. adding @colin.lowenberg for visibility.

Agreed. We can fund you up to $1,000. For the $10,000 level we need to review with the CAB.