AMA session Akash Network with Geek Pics and Lorem Ipsum Metaverse

Geek 3D NFT Collection on Secret Network that gives you Access to Lorem Ipsum Metaverse

In our Telegram chat, we spoke with Solomon G

With that said, let’s start our AMA. Hi @mrSolomon_G thank you for coming =)

Hello everyone! Nice to be here today)

I’d be so really glad to introduce our project. I hope you’ll love it

Then let’s do this ! Let’s start from the beginning, can you tell us more about yourself and the team behind Geek Pics and Lorem Ipsum Metaverse

Sure! It all started with a team of founders. It consists of me, Vlad and Kate.

I am a specialist with many years of experience as a project manager in the TOP-10 Dribble digital agency. In the “Lorem Ipsum” project, I participate as a product manager, and also carried out art direction of the geeks pics NFT collection;

Vlad - skillfull community lead with years of experience in managing international blockchain communities. In Lorem Ipsum & Geeks project Vlad is handling marketing and public relations

Катe - Ux/Ui designer with 3+ year experience. She specialized on crypto projects with any level of complexity. Kate works with SecretChainGirlFoundation, Anons, Secret Calendar, Alter and so on. In Lorem Ipsum and Geeks project she is handling all Ui//Ux for the product interfaces.

In addition, the main team includes 2 more people. Martin is our full stack developer and Valera is our 3d artist lead.

That’s a great team!


I am ready for the next question!

You just launched the project on Monday! So the community is curious, about what is Lorem Ipsum, and how the actual idea was born

It’s kind of simple and cute story)

Honestly, I, Kate and Vlad are friends. We’ve known each other for a long time, so the idea was born at a party.

Something like “Would you like to build a metaverse with me?”

Oh man, that’s fantastic! That’s how truly great project are born! with a simple story =)

That’s not all, just a min))

Couple of words just to introduce it:

Lorem Ipsum is the first metaverse on Secret Network with all the front side hosted on Akash😱.

The name conveys a metaphor: “Every person who has ideas and the ability to implement them can bring their own meaning to the metaverse.”

The team envisions this project as a permissionless, scalable and decentralized digital world, bringing together a variety of projects specializing in music, games, art and the like.

We even have you logo in the hall of fame)

This is the flag gallery which leads us from parking to the main building

Ready to go))

Moving on. Before I found out about Lorem Ipsum, there were Geek pics. So are these 2 different projects? And how are they connected?

This project is still on top! I’ll tell you a story from the very beginning ))

Geeks picks nft - is the first project of our eco.

It’s impossible to imagime Lorem Ipsum metaverse without it

It consists of 1730 3D models, each of which is randomly generated based on eight groups of assets. The art is worked out in great detail using the most modern software solutions. However, its main value lies in the secret metadata. After the NFT mint, each holder receives a unique key to enter the metaverse under the avatar of their NFT character. Thus, each buyer of Geeks peaks nft gets full and unlimited access to the existing Lorem Ipsum space and to all future spaces, events and airdrops that will appear at a later stage.

This is a third -person view of our digital Avatar against the background of an exhibition billboard.

Thus, the Geek NFT is: an access key, your digital avatar, as well as the project’s government token.

Do not be surprised at all these drawings. In our meta you can draw on almost all surfaces using a spray can.

Ready to move)

That’s a nice utility for NFT, i’ll definitely will get one =)

Welcome, sir))

Oh, nice ! will paint something for Akash =) For people that are willing to invest in a project. The main question is how do you plan to generate revenue?

We already painted something for you during the promo. We will be glad if you draw something yourself now!


For people that are willing to invest in a project. The main question is how do you plan to generate revenue?

Okay, there is something to explain

The main stream of income after the mint collection will be invested in the development of Lorem Ipsum. Therefore, the income will be distributed among three funds: Community Fund, Foundation Fund and Ecosystem Fund.The main stream of income after the mint collection will be invested in the development of Lorem Ipsum. Therefore, the income will be distributed among three funds: Community Fund, Foundation Fund and Ecosystem Fund.

Community Fund - funds allocated under the public control of the community. It will be used for purposes determined by voting;

Foundation Fund - funds managed by founders. It will be used to pay salaries for hired employees as well as permanent team members.;

Ecosystem Fund - funds managed by founders. It will be used for the further development of the metaverse. It will finance contractors hiring to develop new spaces, as well as the installation of nodes.

Thus, the advantages for the holders of our NFT are:

  • unlimited access to all locations of our metaverse;

  • Participation in the DAO, receiving airdrops, etc.;

  • Creation of node on scrt network;

  • Public control over the spending of funds from the community fund.

That’s it, I guess

I can elaborate if needed

That would be great !

I think it will be better if I answer questions from the audience))

So we might move forward for now

Ok, yes then the last questions from me.

What’s in the pipeline for the next quarter?

The most interesting part)

As a first phase, one Lorem Ipsum location is already released.

It is a digital art gallery where users can enter using their NFT as their avatar. Inside the gallery, users can walk around, look at the exhibits, and spray paint.

I’am there just right now btw

Subsequently, the gallery will be used as a front hall from which users will be able to move to new locations.

The next releases will be built shortly according to the following scheme:

  1. Release 1 (NFT Gallery)

  2. Release 2: Improvements of the first release + new space;

  3. Release 3: Improvements of the second release + new space;

All of them will be fully available for the holders of our NFT.

This is a gallary from oyr website

You can find it here:

This Geeks look :boom::boom::boom::boom:

Today we are already collecting technical specifications in order to develop a new location of the metaverse together with one large project on the scrt network.

Details will be announced later, but we definitely won’t stop there!

My personal pleasure :smile_cat:

This is going to be interesting! Can’t wait for the details

That’s pretty much all about it if you don’t want me to speak hours ans hours))

Thank you for the answers @mrSolomon_G. Now let’s move to the questions from the community!

Mentioned that Geek NFT holders gain VIP membership in the Geeks Council that will operate in a form of a DAO. What’s the benefits of this VIP membership? what’s different from standard membership?

Access to all locations is absolutely free throughout the existence of the project

Can you explain the underlying technology that enable Geek NFT Holders to generate revenue through NFT lending and borrowing? How does it work?

In the first releases, access to the metaverse will be carried out only through those NFT collections that cooperate with us.

Thus, in order to get to Lorem Ipsum, you will need to “borrow” the NFT token for some time to log in. Can’t you go into a meta without a avatar?))

Hey, fellas. Why did you choose to launch an NFT project and Metaverse on Cosmos Ecosystem? Let’s be honest. Cosmos community is very limited and mostly detached (meaning that Cosmos projects mostly attract the same people from the Cosmos ecosystem community and extremely rarely draw attention of crypto enthusiasts from the outside) due to the absence of a good mechanism of promotion that could expand the attention to the whole crypto industry. That is why the Cosmos ecosystem is far behind than the other blockchains’ NFT segment. How are you going to break through these obstacles and change the situation for the sake of your NFT (Metaverse) recognition?

We like the Cosmos ecosystem. For me personally, this is the first network.

And if you want to talk about practical advantages, then we really needed such a feature as a secret metadatа

Will there be a free entrance to the Metaverse at some point? Or you need to buy the nft and there is no other way?

Yep, you need to buy an nft

But it’s only 99 scrt)

Do you agree that the problem at NFT is actually on the supply side? How do you see these obstacles as opportunities?

We will be happy to discuss it!

Q 1.

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project #GeeksPicsNFT in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,… so they can better understand your project?

Q 2.

Despite the fact that the NFT sector is flourishing, most projects have yet to achieve optimal value addition due to infrastructural flaws. Could you tell us about the techniques #GeeksPicsNFT has implemented to ensure that value is preserved in the NFTs ecosystem?

  1. We are just busy translating our LightPeper into different languages. Along with this, I think we can establish new communities.

2)Below is a list of technological solutions on the basis of which the metaverse is built:

Private metadata and authorization. An NFT token can carry not only public information, but also private information, accessible only to the owner of the token. In the Lorem Ipsum project, a private metadata is used to ensure that the NFT holder has unique and secure access to the metaverse;

NFT as digital identity. Access to the metaverse is directly related to the token owned by the user. Thus, the user identifies himself by identifying with the character;

Multiplayer. Each user can interact with the world around him. Users see each other, as well as the changes that each user makes online.

Non fungible land. Subsequently, being in public and decentralized access, users will be able to develop Lorem Ipsum themselves by acquiring land plots, placing their spaces on them, as well as individual objects within the metaverse. So the metaverse will expand, offering more and more services and products;

Will the money you plan to get from the NFT will be enough to fund the metaverse?

We are now actively involved in attracting investments. Revenue from the sale of tokens will also be invested in development, but it may not be enough given the state of the market.


Can I know is there are any secondary market place for Geek pics NFTs .I mean can we buy /sell in somewhere like stash. io or does the project has own market place ?

You can already find it on stash

But actually you’d better just mint one :hugs:

What is the secret that has to be taken into account in order not to build the same lame metaverse like Meta (Mark Zuckerberg) did?

Do not record or store any users data)

We prefer complete anonymity and decentralization!

Many projects NFTs out there failed because they produced and sold too much their NFTs. What will Geek NFT do to keep floor prices of Geek NFTs and survive in long-term?

Honestly, the collection will later go into the background and will mostly be used as a functional key.

Our project is to reveal as many NFT use cases as possible and show the whole world that NFT is not just pictures.

That is, we want to pay more attention to usability)

So I will devote you to enter our community in order see all the updates of the lorem Ipsum meta!

This was awesome! Thanks for your answers, if you have more questions guys ! Please visit the Gekk pics discord =)

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