AMA about PKT mining!

Why does the time left vary per deployment?

Akashlytics Deploy tool calculates the time left based on your cost and the deposit. If you have a higher price with the same deposit, you should have a short time left.

How do I ensure a deployment doesn’t just shut off?

You can add funds to the deployment.

Are there plans to pay for leases through a stablecoin at some point?

Right now we are encouraging devs to build tools to renew leases to reduce costs when prices decrease (generally due to AKT appreciation). Terra’s UST plans to be the first IBC enabled stablecoin. That would allow devs to convert between UST/AKT before making a deposit. Other solutions include a credit system similar to Helium, which requires more dev work on the akash core.

I noticed the discount to AWS has gone a lot lower from roughly -70% a few months ago to -30% now. What has driven this?

This is due to greater demand for particular configurations used for $PKT mining.

What is being done to increase supply to the Akash compute marketplace?

We are bringing online new providers and new servers come online every week. If you know any bare metal providers interested in leasing on akash, connect us!


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