AKSH Akash Deploy CLI

Introduction and Motivation

One of the challenges with using the akash cli directly is interacting with the AKASH network involves juggling processing responses to and from the network and management of environmental variables. Another challenge is error handling with connectivity issues and faulty RPC API servers. While existing AKASH deployment solution exist, they are exclusively web based solutions which can be challenging for 3rd party interactions.

To address these challenges, the aksh akash binary wrapper solves this problem by simplifying key management and application deployments.

Scriptable repeatable application deployment setup and teardown are important factors for things like CI/CD workflows as well as integration with 3rd party tools.

Current status


See the attached GIF file for a demonstration of the capability. This also shows off the akash-ubuntu (ssh) image.

The code will be checked in shortly after ironing out a few additional bugs.

Next Steps

A few ideas for next steps:

  • Integrate with at least one CI/CD tool.
  • Better logging output
  • Support for multi-sig wallets