Akashnet upgrade proposal to complete upgrade process and launch mainnet-2

Dear Akash Validators,
We are excited to share the final upgrade proposal for launching akashnet-2 (mainnet2).
The second proposal to complete the upgrade process and launch mainnet-2 is out now. It is currently under Deposit Period and waiting for deposits. Here are the proposal details:
We’ll upgrade the network to akashnet-2 with following version:
Akash Version: v0.10.0
Commit Hash: af43b89e47e50bfeedcc35c7ee77229bd258ed0d
If the proposal goes through, we will upgrade the network on 08th March, 2021 at 1500 UTC
Full proposal can be found here:
IPFS: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmQybhJdyqCVSmGApc4ZQw4XzzdgJVP7SUBC6hLDpnYMdF
Github: Add Mainnet Upgrade Proposal - 2 by anilCSE · Pull Request #3 · ovrclk/akash-governance · GitHub


Our VOTE is in…

Hello, I voted too =)

Chainode Tech voted on this proposal. We are ready to support Akash during the upcoming Mainnet upgrade.

Voted yes. Let’s go!