Akashlytics Developer Grant v2

Hey everyone!

It’s been a crazy ride up until now and we’re eager to continue on it for the coming year.


  • We’re asking for a second grant to continue developing our tools and new ones
  • The grant is for 300k USD, in $AKT, for 12 months of development and marketing
    • Start 100k USD, after 6 months: 100k USD and after 1 year 100k USD
  • Our goals stays the same, increase the usage of the network by simplifying the access and visibility
  • Reference to the first grant Akashlytics Developer Grant

Recap of the 1st grant

In the past 8 months, we accomplished a lot so let’s break it down…

This is the first snapshot (Jan 2022) of the roadmap we were sharing with the Akash team as a reference to our progress. We started working on these projects prior to this snapshot so that’s why some items are checked.

Basically, we proposed to build 3 main tools:

  • The deploy tool
  • A new type of node that contains more data for analytics and custom endpoints
  • A block explorer containing extra pages to show the on-chain data specific to Akash (deployments, leases, providers, etc)

These are 3 big projects and require a lot of research and development, but nothing we can’t overcome!

Here’s an up to date snapshot of where we’re at currently. Yellow highlighted text are things we didn’t account for when proposing for the grant initially(there are a lot more than shown here) and that we ended doing as feedback from the community came in. We are very agile in how we develop things and prioritize feedback from actual users over everything.

Akashlytics Deploy

We were able to accomplish most of the core features that Akash has to offer, including the recent mainnet-3, with persistent storage, authorized spend and fractional uAKT. We’re continuously maintaining it, fixing bugs, answering questions in discord, improving it and adding more features to it.

In a coming update, users will be able to browse providers, favorite them and filter for favorites when accepting bids. We’re also integrating other projects from other grants like Akash Audit and be able to see which provider is audited by which auditor.

We’re also working with @tombeynon to integrate Cosmos omnibus to the template gallery and streamline blockchain node deployments with persistent storage.

Data Node API

We’ll eventually find a good name for it, but for now let’s call it the Data Node. This project is at the core of everything we do. It’s basically an SQL database that we’re including all the blockchain’s data and more. Since it’s a relational database, it’s easy to query for things related, like deployments with leases or transactions for a deployment or list of deployments you’ve done on a providers, etc.

We’re currently using it for Akashlytics to provide live accurate analytics on the network, while developing it and improving it. Here’s an article where I describe the system.

We have a working version, and we plan on making it a public and documented API in the future.

Block Explorer

Why another explorer you ask?! It’s fairly simple, there’s currently no way to browse Akash’s specific on-chain data with a visual interface and we want to be the ones building it. It will also serve as a great marketing tool for Akash and give more insights on the network.

Here’s an example screenshot of the ongoing design

The app will include a ton of new charts and analytics that will be useful to the community. We will start building the web app soon.

In all honesty, the projects we submitted for the first grant were much bigger in scope than the value asked, so that’s why we weren’t able to finish everything, but we’ve managed to fulfill most of the core projects that will support the adoption of the network.

Here’s some key stats resulting from our efforts


  • Twitter 2.5k
  • Discord 200 members
  • Github 34 stars
  • Youtube 162 subs
  • 925 Delegators


  • 26k users


  • 3.8k users
  • 458k sessions
  • 72k transactions
  • 20.5k deployments
  • 15k leases
  • 5k import wallet
  • 750 create wallet

What we plan on building with this grant

  • Deploy tool
    • Continue to improve and maintain it
    • Simplify the deployment experience as much as possible
    • Do the research and development to bring it to the browser
    • Documentation
    • Internationalization
    • Auto-refill bot using AuthZ
    • We have a very long list of features…
  • Data Node
    • Continue to improve and maintain it
    • Implement first version of the public API
    • Blockchain events
      • Low escrow balance email notifications
    • Documentation
  • Block Explorer
    • Implement and release first version, using the data node in the backend
      • All the pages in the roadmap
    • Internationalization
  • Marketplace
    • Build a marketplace where developers build solutions for users to consume
    • Integrate the marketplace templates in the deploy tool
    • One-click deploy

In the coming year, we aim to at least 10x the stats mentioned above with these projects, which will greatly benefit the network.

How will the funds be used

We are now 2 full time senior software developers working on these projects, so most of the funds will be used to pay for our salaries, infrastructure and marketing. If things goes well, we will start hiring more devs.

We also work with a designer for our designs/branding and we plan on a dedicating a part of the grant to fund these efforts. We want to make our tools beautifully presented and easy to use/understand.


Akash is such a great project and we’re super hyped to be part of it. We would very much like to continue our contributions to make it the number one decentralized cloud network! We’ve learned a lot of stuff in the past months about the technology and how the network works, so the coming months will be much more efficient.

Looking forward to keep working with you guys!