Akashlytics Desktop Deploy

Hey Akashians! I’ve been sharing a demo of Akashlytics Deploy all over the place, I’m sure some of you have seen it, but for good measures I will create it’s own topic. It has changed a little since I recorded the video, so I will probably record a new one soon. Let me know what you think!

Try it out here: Akashlytics
Get support here: Akashlytics

Wow, love to see WP running on Akash Network! Thanks for sharing!
But please, record the new video with better audio quality. Thanks. :wink:


Thanks! Yes you’re absolutely right the quality was not good at all, fixed it in my new video Akashlytics Deploy final hackathon demo - Browser games on Akash Network - YouTube


Discord link seems invalid, would u send a new one?


Will update it, forgot to remove the expiration… Here it is! Akashlytics

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