AKASH STARTER - Launchpad for new projects that will be hosted on Akash network

Developer Award Application



**1. First & Last Name: (optional) **
jessy james

**2. Email Address: **

**3. Akash Wallet Address: **

**4. Akashian URI: **

**5. Time Zone: **

6. Language:

Social Networks

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**9. Github: **
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**14. Are you a developer or software engineer? **

fullstack dev

**15. Are you currently involved in Akash’s Discord developer community channel? (discord.akash.network) **
**16. Have you deployed on Akash’s Mainnet or Testnet? (docs.akash.network) **
**17. Do you have other team members? **

**18. Are you looking for additional team members? **
not really but why not
**19. Are you interested in working on Akash full-time? Akash is hiring engineers and contractors. Learn more here: Careers | Akash Network **
**20. What Cloud hosting services do you currently use? (Amazon/Google/Microsoft) **
digital ocean
**21. How much do you pay per month for Cloud services / hosting? **
**22. How did you hear about this program? **

Product Vision:

**23. What is your project? **

AKASHSTARTER Launchpad for new projects that will be hosted on Akash network

**24. What is the problem you will solve? **
Unfortunately, there are not so many projects yet that are hosted on Akash network.

**25. What are your goals? **
We suggest building a community where new projects can search for funding and investors can invest and make profit. Projects for funding are filtered by community votes. The main requirement for project is that it must be hosted on Akash servers . So if community will vote on quality projects, and one or more of the projects from AKASHSTARTER succeeds it will be the best advertisment for Akash ecosystem.

There are three main roles involved in the AKASHSTARTER protocol:
● Projects
● Investors
● Voters

Projects: Can use funding for their project and reach for Akash comminuty support.

Investors: Can invest in new projects using tier system. They will come to the AKASHSTARTER dapp, a simple web based UI, to take part in a project’s IDO.

Voters: Can filter projects, and vote on AKASHSTARTER community development

  • Also this will be not just usual launchpad - we will rate each project that participates in launchpad, like give grades for team experience/freshness of idea/attractiveness of tokenomicsfor investor / give project updates etc, and give our reccomendations.
    *And there will be DAO section where users could invest using seed sale prices

**26. What impact will this project have on the Akash developer community? **
There will be more projects hosted on akash network. there will be more community engagement. And more people will know about akash

**27. Who will use your project when it’s complete? **
Users, Akash community members, new project

**28. Will you monetize your project? **
**29. Will you open source your project? **

Product Leadership / Drive:

**30. Tell us about yourself, your passion, your values **
I Like freedom and something new.
**31. What’s your aspiration for blockchain technology? **
it’s like a future:) we will all be there:)

**32. If you had $1 million in grant funding what would you do? **

  1. but $450k akt (and stake)
  2. buy $450k $rune
  3. continue developing an app:P

**33. Who will benefit most from your project? **
Guys who want to launch their project + akash community members

**34. How will you help grow the Akash community? **
There will be useful governance which can be used for akash community governance
Also there will be more Akash project
**35. How will you make Akash approachable to developers? **
There will be launchpad and accelerator programm which will help them to grow their startup idea

36. How do you think Akash should improve?

Product Execution:

**37. How would you utilize the grant funding? **
**38. Have you already started this work? **
**39. Do you have a GitHub or website for your project? **
private gitlab

**40. How will this task be accomplished? **

**41. How would you break this work up into 3 or 4 phases / milestones? **

  1. Simple voting governance tab where users can vote and make proposal
  2. Advanced governance tab linked to this forum and many more feautures
  3. First project starting to launch, testing bussiness model
  4. Advanced ux with many additional futures

**42. How many months of work will this project require? **
It depends. For mvp up to 1 month,
6 months and more for everything else - there can be many more functions: governance/voting tab, mobile app, and many more - it’s actually endless process - there is always something to improve

**43. What’s the expected amount of funding required for your project? **

Product Progress:

**44. Will you open source your project? **
**45. How do you plan to share your work with the community once complete? **
weekly calls/trello/telegram channel updates

**46. Will you report your progress to the community every month? **
**47. Do you have any screenshots, videos, or other context you can share? **

Developer Associations:

**48. Are you associated with any accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms, or startup funds? **

**49. Are you associated with any startup communities? **

**50. Are you associated with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)? **

**51. Are you associated with any open source projects? **

**52. Are you associated with any of the Akash Network core team members? **


53. Are you a resident of, citizen, or located in a geographic area that is subject to UN, US, EU, Swiss or any other sovereign country sanctions or embargoes?

54. Are you over the age of 18?


My project is somehow similar to current Akash grant program, It came nearly at the same time as Colin’s idea:)

I’d like to note key differences:

-Akash starter is more focused on users which will fund new projects while current grant program is using akash foundation cash :slight_smile:
(like Users will fund and chose projects and they will do this from their pocket) and it’s more about monetization - there will be less non-profit projects for example:)

Despite this differences I believe my project could really benefit current grant programm (for example - I can build the voting/governance functionallity according to current grant program needs (on previous CAB meeting call 26.08 someone asked for similar voting functions btw:)

So it could provide the tooling to add additional feautures to this forum everyone needs.

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@colin.lowenberg Is it possible to get funding for this?(created additional topic in grants:)