Akash Sovryn Node Challenge [rstm]

Hi Akash Team,
I would like to participate in Sovryn Node challenge.

Problem Statement/Goals:

  • I would like to understand how to work with Akash infra.
  • I would like to improve security of public/private key sharing to Sovryn container. i.e. implement secret manager
  • Prepare detailed guide on Sovryn node deployment (generation of keystore v3, telegram bot/chat configuration, troubleshooting).
  • Utilize existing Akash security features to secure node (network access, container hardening).
  • Run vulnerability scan of prepared image:

run npm fund for details

found 574 vulnerabilities (2 low, 3 moderate, 569 high)

  • docker image - Done
  • run node in Testnet - Done
  • fix issue with Telegram reporting - Done . Documentation is not clear, you need to change ChatID in config.js for testnet/mainnet

At least I’ve started receiving some errors in Telegram chat.


  • run node in Akash Mainnet

Ok, looks like I was able to reproduce Youtube guideline by @EoM Games, it was funny:)


Let’s document and secure it:)

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