Akash Sovryn Node Challenge [gumpy]

I saw the Akash Sovryn Node Challenge and I think I’m a good candidate for this. I have set up several nodes for crypto projects and I’m part of a team running multiple full validators. I’ve looked at the Akash platform and the limitations of not having access to a shell and ephemeral ports. I’m looking in to solutions for securely transmitting keys and mapping ports for running a full Sovryn node.

My Akash wallets is akash1ycerg5kzqkt69yxp6wkm84f69yyyuktjutcs7d

Hi @gumpy , the challenge just ended, but we still want you to be involved. Would you do me a favor and test out the guides written by others? Tell us which one you liked the most and why! I just sent you some AKT to help you deploy your own node.

Here are the submissions to the challenge: