Akash Python CLI

App Name: akash-python

Description: this project is quite simple in the idea, but it can potentially help all developers who want to go through back-end automation without necessarily handling shell / javascript scripts

Who will use this? All developers who want to simplify their back-end stack

How does it use Akash? it’s actually a wrapper around the Akash CLI

Team: Myself actually but would gladly accept any contribution or feedback to the project !


GitHub: GitHub - abitoun-42/akash-python: This package is a complete API client style of Akash CLI

Guide: You can follow the README.md inside the repo, i will add more example later

Demo: (optional)

Public Key: akash1u3lvf27hjchwjgxum4uldepyyrztmx2hj0anqw

I like this, this will be very useful in many developments. :+1: :+1:

I have starled this project.