Akash Provider Explorer

Project Title:

Akash Provider Explorer (better / catchy name pending)

The Problem:

Presently Akash Cloud Providers are nameless/faceless entities with little transparency into who is operating the hardware, what the specific hardware profile their cloud provider is operating on, if their equipment is hosted in a datacenter or a residential location, and who to contact if a customer (person leasing resources) is looking for support working with a particular provider.

The Solution & Project Goals:

Create a platform, similar to https://akashlytics.com/ or https://siastats.info/ but that provides detailed information around specific providers that individuals looking to lease resources can easily browse and filter through to find the ideal environment to host their application, and provide an avenue for direct communication between the customer and provider.
The core features of this platform would facilitate:

  • Basic provider statistics pulled from the blockchain and individual provider API
  • Provider reputation building
  • Platform for facilitating communications between provider and the customer (leaser)


For providers it would provide a platform to best promote their provider, attract leases, and generate a loyal and trusted customer base.

For the customer it would facilitate a user friendly means of locating the best provider for their application, improving their overall experience with hosting their applications on the akash platform.

This would ultimately help create a thriving community between provider and customer – leading to a more profitable experience for providers, and better experience for users of the akash network.



Primary Platform Features:

Provider Statistics:

Basic information this site could pull information from the blockchain about providers that would include statistics such as:

  • Each providers total provider resources

  • Current amount of resources leased out

  • Current remaining available resources

  • History of leases and their success rate (is the provider stable and reliable?)

  • Uptime statistics

  • Ranking and reputation system for providers with the best uptime, prompt and clear communications, customer reviews, etc.

  • Region of provider

Provider Profile Information:

Providers would be then have the option to register an account and claim their provider address (though a verification process, such as a DNS txt record verifying they own the domain the provider is using) and be able to provide additional information such as:

  • Hardware specifications:

– CPU architecture (ARM or x86), model, and clock speed

– Memory type and speed

– Storage type (SATA SSD, NVMe, or Spinning drives)

– Specific location (residential or datacenter hosting)

– Connection type and speed (cable, fiber, etc.)

  • Additional information around the provider such as an status / uptime pages.

  • Notifications for maintenance, planned / un-planned downtime, hardware upgrades, etc.

  • Offers around lower prices for large leases

  • Support / contact information

Additional Potential Features:

  • Development of an automated benchmarking reporting tool for overall cloud provider performance (connection speed test, CPU and memory benchmarks, IOPs / storage benchmarks, etc.), likely run as local service by akash providers.

  • [insert other features here]


The Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance is a non-profit that specializes in blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure, with a focus on delivering fast and affordable community powered broadband networks for under-served and un-connected areas, but also aims to advocate for, educate, and lead the adoption of decentralized infrastructure and web3.0 technologies such as DVPN (sentinel, mysterium, etc.), decentralized storage (sia, storj, filecoin, IPFS, etc.), decentralized cloud like Akash, and the rapidly growing smart contract and DeFi ecosystem.

Our organization has extensive experience with software development, DevOps best practices, CI/CD automation, and large scale systems and network engineering. Our organization would supply development resources, coordinate development, deployment, maintain operations and support, as well as source contributions from the wider Akash provider support and development community.


Project development progress and milestones would be reported via a combination of our official website (https://nwbroadbandalliance.org), blog (https://nwba.medium.com), the official akash discord channel and community forums, as well as public github project repository.

Design Mockups:





The following grant proposal is still in development — we are working on coordinating developer resources and contributors, fleshing out architectural details, and producing an initial POC and/or mock-ups of the site.
I am posting this to test the waters and get input from the community as we are further refining this proposed service.


This is a very cool idea. I wonder if it might be worth connecting you with The Akash Audit team as I think there might be some overlap in efforts in a few places.

This may warrant a connection with Akash audit. Good idea.

Absolutely! We are looking to recruit as many contributors as possible! Please DM me your contact info and we’ll talk further!

Thanks for the suggestion! I have reached out to them.