Akash: Open Cloud Challenge

Hello! My name is Tanishq and I have applied to Akash Open Cloud Challenge Hackathon.
I will be building an app and deploying it on Akash Network. The dapp that I will be going to build will be an email forensics dapp that will allow the user to inspect email headers to verify that the email was from a trusted source and not from an attacker/malicious user.

The Home page of the application will be having a text area field where the user will paste his/her email data and then the user will click on submit button and the user will have its email analyzed. The app will analyze all the security-related email headers and display them in the response.

After completing my email forensics dapp I will deploy it to the Akash cloud and will also include a tutorial for users to use the dapp.

My wallet address for seed fund : akash129eaqvm3ujs606e47naef776s5yc0y8vnu4w2w

I sent you some funds to get you started!

Update on the App:

I have successfully submitted my work on gitcoin for Akash open cloud challenge in which we have to deploy our App on Akash Cloud and publish a step-by-step guide for new developers who can then use the guide to deploy their applications on Akash cloud.

My Github Repository: Project Repository

You can find the app on: EmailAnalyzer

You can find the guide to deploy your application on Akash here : Guide

Features Update on the app:

Home-page of the app looks like:

This app will analyze your email data for you to by which you will know that the email sent to you is genuine or not.This app analyze your email data on the basis of email headers,it looks for the email headers which helps to determine the user that the email is genuine or fake.

By using this the user can:

  1. Identify hop delays

  2. Identify basic information about the email which includes (Subject, Messag-ID, to, From):

    • Subject:This header will tell you subject of the email
    • Message-ID:This header is a unique identifier for a digital message.Message-IDs are required to have a specific format which is a subset of an email address and be globally unique. No two different messages must ever have the same Message-ID.
    • To : This header tell you that whom the email is sent to
    • From: This header will tell who sent the email
  3. Identify all the received headers:

    • Received header’s:The received is the most important part of the email header and is usually the most reliable. They form a list of all the servers/computers through which the message traveled in order to reach you. The received lines are best read from bottom to top.
    • Since its is best to read this header from bottom to top, the tool captures each received header and divide them into the category of Top-most, middle-most and bottom-most received header. This help the user to quickly view the path from which the email travelled.
  4. Identify all the security related headers which includes(Received-SPF, DKIM-Signature, Return-path, Message-ID):

    • Received-SPF : SPF is used to describe what mail server is allowed to send messages for a domain. It’s used to avoid fake email addresses (as sender email address). The system can detect if the mail server, which wants to send a message to the recipients mail-exchanger, is valid for the senders email address (domain).If this header results “PASS” then there is a high possiblity that the email is from a geniune source.

    • DKIM-Signature: This header makes sure that integrity of your email is maintained.

    • Return-path : is a hidden email header that indicates where and how bounced emails will be processed.If Return-path and Message-id has somewhat identical domains at the end then we can say that the email is from a genuine source.

  5. Identify all other additonal headers of an email

Note: You can find how to use the app here : GitHub - TanishqDsharma/EmailAnalyzer-Akash-CLoud

More Features and bug fixes that I need to add:

  1. Beautify the UI
  2. Add features for assisting SPF, DKIM and DMARC implementation.
  3. User friendly charts and statistics
  4. Daily and 7 day analysis report via email
    I want o make this app a full-fledged app that can be used for email forensics

Thank you for your submission!