Akash Open Cloud Challenge: FanNFT

I am building a DApp——FanNFT. There is an automating backend service that needs to be deployed using Akash’s unique server-side host capability.And need decentralise storage to store images, I choose skynet because SDK is easy to use. The final build static files will be deployed on Akash’s nginx container or skynet, and linked with HNS.

After finishing the development, I will write a guide about the detail of akash, skynet and hns development and deployment instructions. I will also write a Chinese version.

Let’s more developers build on dweb!

My Akash address: akash1msh7cceezcl556n3nx3grz8quq8scnj7mrnnnm

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Repository: https://github.com/script-money/FanNFT

Development guide: https://dweb.script.money/posts/dweb_guide_en


Awesome guides! And in multiple languages!

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