Akash Open Cloud Challenge - Chaos Engineering


My name is Alex and I am a Platform Engineer. I have been working in the cloud & DevOps space for more than 6 years looking after large platform deployments based on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry both on-prem and off-prem.

I really like the problem Akash network is trying to solve and I would like to propose a project to help the network and learn more about Akash decentralized cloud.

A lot of the work I have been doing looks at making sure workloads are running in a resilient manner with reduced or no downtime. I would like to investigate some of the resiliency & availability capabilities of the Akash network and compare it with similar Public Cloud offerings on AWS.

Short term goal:

  • Deploy a simple microservice application to the Akash network
  • Test service availability & resiliency following Chaos Engineering principles
  • Develop scripts to automate basic Chaos testing
  • Write a detailed medium post
  • Compare capabilities with other Public Cloud providers

Long term goal:

  • Develop Akash Chaos Testing CLI or plugin/driver for Chaos testing tools like ChaosToolkit that integrates with the Akash decentralized cloud
  • Provide more documentation & best practices for running applications across the Akash network in a fault-tolerant fashion

To get things started my wallet address for seed funding: akash199epanq20x2gh2yn40lut3s4entd8qp6msv68z

Feedback would be much appreciated. If you want to chat DM on discord @tu


It’s a good idea. Look at pumba model for chaos testing containers.

Sent you 30 AKT to get started! Good luck!