Akash Open Cloud Challenge - Akash Drive

Hello all! My name is Nick, and I am currently a CS student at Princeton. I am very interested in Akash and furthering its development to increase adoption.

For this project, I plan to develop a decentralized cloud storage solution with Akash, similar to Google Drive. Starting off with the essentials, I plan to have a UI that allows users to easily view and manipulate their files, along with sharing the files with other users and viewing files shared with them. Users will be able to add their Akash wallets to pay for larger storage instances.

I’m excited for this project, and I would love to hear the community’s input!

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Hi all, I just uploaded a video of the very first look at the front end of the program.

Akash Drive Demo

Hey @NickCasa Nice project! I was thinking of a similar project, care to chat so I can share with you, perhaps collaborate?

@bgrissin Sounds great! My discord is nick.casa#5107

cool, just sent over invite, letspick a time / date where we can discuss. Nice to e-meet you and looking forward to showing you more about Cripta.io and I am super interested is hearing more about starlingstorage.