Akash + NextCloud + Filebase

I want to deploy NextCloud on Akash and connect it to Filebase


How’s your project coming?

Hello Adam,

I will have an update on this tomorrow or Wednesday, I have a very good idea how to complete this and I want to add a little more to my project, as the competition looks quite fierce.

I was waiting to update on this project, as there is a Twitter Spaces - Hackaton Office Hours tomorrow, which I am planning to attend.

I have also spent the last three days working on Discourse on Akash

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As I mentioned on the Twitter Spaces for this Hackathon I am modifying my project a bit,

I will create the Akashian Public Library.

It will be a platform that anyone can access for free, either to read, download or upload copyright free ebooks, comics, pdfs and other documents.

I believe that once this is deployed to Akash and connected with Filebase, it will be possible to keep it running forever, with a few cron jobs and some AKT from an account that has some staking and/or some donations from the community.

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:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum:

I present the first prototype of the Akashian Public Library

Powered by Akash, Filebase and Nextcloud.

User - akashian
Password - akashianlibrary

Ideally I will come up with a way for users to register and get their own account (similar to a library card)

More features coming soon


This is very cool! Great work.


The Akashian Library has more features and content

I have submitted my work in Gitcoin and here:

I have added a few more features, folders/buckets, content and options.

I edited the top bar menu, added a Rules page, enabled the Calendar, added a Donation page and a Contact page. I also enabled the video player and it works fantastic with the videos uploaded to Filebase.

In the end, I opted not to allow people to create their own accounts, as there would not be much benefit to this, unless we would like to give each user their own cloud storage/bucket inside the library. This can be achieved by enabling the option within Nextcloud’s settings and adding new buckets in Filebase. (The instructions for deploying Nextcloud and setting up Filebase storage are in the Github repo above)

It has been fun working on this and I have also learned a few things working on this project.

Thank you

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This topic caught my attention because I would like to run Nextcloud Hub on Akashlytics.

Because I am not a programmer but mainly a system integrator, I am looking for someone who can help me with this. Can anyone tell me if this is even possible? And if so, if there is someone who is willing to help me step by step that would be really cool!



Let us know if we can help @JasperSimeon

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You can follow this awesome-akash/nextcloud at rodr · Rodri-R/awesome-akash · GitHub to deploy to Akash

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