Akash + NextCloud + Filebase

I want to deploy NextCloud on Akash and connect it to Filebase


How’s your project coming?

Hello Adam,

I will have an update on this tomorrow or Wednesday, I have a very good idea how to complete this and I want to add a little more to my project, as the competition looks quite fierce.

I was waiting to update on this project, as there is a Twitter Spaces - Hackaton Office Hours tomorrow, which I am planning to attend.

I have also spent the last three days working on Discourse on Akash

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As I mentioned on the Twitter Spaces for this Hackathon I am modifying my project a bit,

I will create the Akashian Public Library.

It will be a platform that anyone can access for free, either to read, download or upload copyright free ebooks, comics, pdfs and other documents.

I believe that once this is deployed to Akash and connected with Filebase, it will be possible to keep it running forever, with a few cron jobs and some AKT from an account that has some staking and/or some donations from the community.

:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum:

I present the first prototype of the Akashian Public Library

Powered by Akash, Filebase and Nextcloud.

User - akashian
Password - akashianlibrary

Ideally I will come up with a way for users to register and get their own account (similar to a library card)

More features coming soon


This is very cool! Great work.