Akash Network and Skynet Labs provide a full stack for the Unstoppable Web

Everyone knows the term DeFi, but dWeb, or decentralized web, is still catching on in the lexicon of the mainstream press. What is the decentralized web? The decentralized web (dWeb) is a major shift from computing resources being owned and operated by the three large cloud software giants (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) to a decentralized network of cloud providers operating open-source software platforms and creating competition in an open marketplace with more providers and lower costs.

There is no centralized company or project that leads the development of the decentralized web. Sia Skynet and Akash Network are two projects with the same goal, to make it easy to join the decentralized Internet movement. Both are hosting platforms with strong developer communities releasing new code and projects every day. Both are well-funded and are openly challenging the cloud giants by reducing the cost for users to host their data and apps. Even the names have a similarity - Akash means “sky” in ancient Sanskrit.

Which hosting platform is better, Akash or Skynet?

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