Akash Name Service

Grant Application

Proposal: Akash Name Service


**1. First & Last Name: Zac

**2. Email Address: zac@thebuild3rs[.]com

**3. Akash Wallet Address: akash1c7hyecys4tawepcgzsmvmazpqudjyrzz5tnd89

**4. Akashian URI: forum[.]akash[.]network/u/build3rslabs

**5. Time Zone: CET

**6. Language: EN

Social Networks

**7. Discord Username:Zac#9442

**8. Discourse Username:forum[.]akash[.]network/u/build3rslabs

**9. Github: github[.]com/Build3rsLabs


**14. Are you a developer or software engineer? Developer

**15. Are you currently involved in Akash’s Discord developer community channel? (discord.akash.network) : yes

**16. Have you deployed on Akash’s Mainnet or Testnet? (docs.akash.network) : No

**17. Do you have other team members? Yes, 4.

**18. Are you looking for additional team members? No

**19. Are you interested in working on Akash full-time? Akash is hiring engineers and contractors. Learn more here: Careers | Akash Network : No

**20. What Cloud hosting services do you currently use? (Amazon/Google/Microsoft) : Depends on the ressource we need.

**21. How much do you pay per month for Cloud services / hosting? 120$

**22. How did you hear about this program? In touch with Boz M on Telegram.

Product Vision:

**23. What is your project? 1. Akash Name Service is an innovative system inspired by ENS, the most DeFi popular model. ANS aims to register user with usernames such as username.akt on the blockchain instead of simple adresses. It became a necessity in a decentralized world and every chain is building their own digitalized identity.

**24. What is the problem you will solve? User identity, funds exchange, transparency…

**25. What are your goals? Integrate as much protocols on Akash as possible.

**26. What impact will this project have on the Akash developer community? A lot of opportunities for partnership and integrations.

**27. Who will use your project when it’s complete? All Akash users and communitites + any project building on Akash.

**28. Will you monetize your project? Yes, through domains sales.

**29. Will you open source your project? Yes

Product Leadership / Drive:

**30. Tell us about yourself, your passion, your values : Decentralization, identity, innovation and transparency. We believe in the “no matter what” philosophy, pushing our limits on a daily basis.

**31. What’s your aspiration for blockchain technology? We have been building on innovative networks to expand their ecosystem.

**32. If you had $1 million in grant funding what would you do? Go to Bahamas lol. No, we would provide as much utility and infrastructure to support the network and bring Akash to the top.

**33. Who will benefit most from your project? Community and core Akash users.

**34. How will you help grow the Akash community? We will run our own community. We will bring more decentralization, facilitate exchanges between users and transparency, for trust.

**35. How will you make Akash approachable to developers? We will post a feedback of our dev experience on Akash and document all our code. It will also be open source and post on dev post.

**36. How do you think Akash should improve? More integrations through cross-chains protocols.

Product Execution:

**37. How would you utilize the grant funding? Provide incentives and fund the project development.

**38. Have you already started this work? We have successfuly provided this type of product in the past and we’re already working on Akash Name Service conception.

**39. Do you have a GitHub or website for your project? Not yet, soon.

**40. How will this task be accomplished? We have a strict project management method to make sure we reach our goals and share our journey with the community.

**41. How would you break this work up into 3 or 4 phases / milestones?

Milestone 1: Website and Frontend + Testnet
Milestone 2: Decentralized App Live
Milestone 3: JS SDK for integrations

Roadmap & resources

  • Official website live
  • Smart contracts
  • Release to testnet, fix bugs
  • Release to mainnet. Decentralized app live and working
  • Active socials
  • Feature for easy integrations into Akash protocols

Milestone 1
Developing official website
Release dapp to testnet

Milestone 2
Release dapp to mainnet with audited contracts like here

Milestone 3
Modify ens JS library for integrations

**42. How many months of work will this project require? 2 months.

**43. What’s the expected amount of funding required for your project? $50,000

Product Progress:

**44. Will you open source your project? Yes

**45. How do you plan to share your work with the community once complete? Through our socials : Twitter & Discord and weekly dev updates.

**46. Will you report your progress to the community every month? Yes

Developer Associations:

**48. Are you associated with any accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms, or startup funds? No

**49. Are you associated with any startup communities? No

**50. Are you associated with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)? No

**51. Are you associated with any open source projects? Yes

**52. Are you associated with any of the Akash Network core team members? No but we discussed with a few of them to build our product.


**53. Are you a resident of, citizen, or located in a geographic area that is subject to UN, US, EU, Swiss or any other sovereign country sanctions or embargoes? Europe

**54. Are you over the age of 18? Yes

Hey Zac,

Thanks for the proposal. This sounds very exciting. Two questions come to mind:

  1. Are you intending to only support wallet identity look up with this or DNS as well?
  2. (depending on answer to 1) If not DNS (which I don’t think is used as much on ENS because of the latency relative to regular DNS) then is there a reason for needing to limit this to akash’s blockchain (or is the intention to start there and then repeat for other cosmos chains). I ask this because, while akash is the only chain in the cosmos ecosystem (afaik) that needs dns services, all chains can benefit from a wallet name service

Hello !

Thanks for your questions. Here are our answers :

  1. The domains provided by Akash Name service can be used in serveral ways. They also stand as “classic” DNS to host a Dapp or decentralized website for example but this is not optimal in terms of resolution. We will cover the use cases later on :wink:
  2. You’re right, all chains can benefit from a name service and not only restricted to the wallet. However, we believe that a native name service brings so much more values because its built with the same vision as the ecosystem. It will interact best with other protocols on Akash.