Akash Insiders Program

:wave: Hey all,

I wanted to introduce you to a new program we’re piloting called Akash Insiders.

Akash Insiders are community leaders and crypto Influencers. They are on the front lines helping to usher in the world’s first decentralized cloud.

We’re actively searching for community moderators, event organizers and technical content creators to join the program!

If you’re interested in learning more or have questions, reach out to me direct!

:point_right: Akash Insiders Application


A program called Akash Insiders seems to have a very good purpose. I hope that many people who love Akash will show interest and support. I pray for akash’s endless development… I’ll try to keep my thoughts short: “Maybe there will come a time when I can also apply for it.”

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Hey @souL - Thanks for your thoughts!

It’s still early in development, but we have big plans for the future!

Hope to see you apply someday. :slight_smile:


Nice, I send and application :rocket:

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Great initiative!

Thanks! Have you applied? :slight_smile: