Akash Inflation Proposal 4

Our last inflation update was submitted earlier this year on 1/05/2022 and went live on 1/19/2022, which made the following changes:
Inflation Max: from 40% to 25%
Inflation Min: from 25% to 15%

Full details of the last proposal can be found here: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation

Since the dynamic inflation feature that was supposed to be released with Mainnet 3 didn’t make it into production due to technical issues, we will be submitting consistent proposals until dynamic inflation is up and running.

Total AKT supply at the time of this writing is 191,393,848 vs a modeled AKT supply of 180,584,729, which is a difference of roughly ~11 million AKT. This difference, before inflation proposal 3 (in January 2022), was ~10 million AKT and indicates that the difference between actual vs modeled inflation is no longer accelerating, but decelerating.

To keep on track, we are proposing the following changes with the 4th inflation update:
Inflation Max: from 25% to 15%
Inflation Min: from 15% to 5%

Looking Ahead
Looking ahead, we’ll likely submit one (1) inflation update roughly once every 3 months with inflation proposal 5 going up for voting in/around September/October of 2022.

I would love to open this topic up for feedback and discussion.