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I propose the idea to create a fully decentralized and trustless code collaboration platform, on which anyone can post coding tasks that can be solved by anyone who wishes to solve it. When a task gets solved, the solver can get rewarded in crypto and the taskposters will get the code solution for his/her payment. It is up to the taskposter to decide whether incentives are included and up to the solver to work on free or paid tasks.

This idea should solve multiple problems from the perspective of both taskposters and tasksolvers.


Taskposters can be anyone: project owners, software architects, big teams or individual developers.
Taskposters can upload their projects and define small and/or large tasks to be completed within their project. Projects will be safely stored and backed up using Filebase. To prevent a taskposter’s proprietary code from being exploited, they can define which parts of the code are exposed, taking into consideration that a tasksolver must have enough information to complete the task.

A task example can be writing out a function that’s part of a class or the implementation of an algorithm that outputs x, y, z. The taskposter can specify all the requirements and conditions like the used language, which base classes and other functions can or must be used, the expected outputs and so on. These requirements will be put into a task definition file and will be used by the system to automatically check and validate the code solutions from tasksolvers.

When the taskposter creates a task, he or she can link a reward (e.g. eth, bnb). This reward will be stored in an automated escrow service on the blockchain. Rewards are released when a task is completed and passes the validation process.

For taskposters my aim is to:

  • create a decentralized, trustless and automated platform
  • allow for work being done on public and private projects while preventing proprietairy code from being exposed and exploited
  • attract developers from all over the world where there is an internet connection
  • allow defining single or multiple micro, medium and/or large tasks
  • allow to choose the best code solution


Tasksolvers can be any developer that is willing to work on a task. They will be able to view a list of projects and tasks and choose one or multiple tasks to work on. Code will be written using a webbased code editor. When the tasksolver completes his or her code it will be uploaded to an available execution node on Akash with a Language-level and OS-level protected sandbox environment where the code gets debugged and compiled all together with the project itself, before being executed.

After a successfull execution, the output will be checked and validated based on the requirements specified by the taskposter. If all checks are passed and the creator of the task agrees to the solution, the reward is released from escrow to the address of the tasksolver.

For tasksolvers my aim is to:

  • create a decentralized, trustless and automated platform
  • allow starting working on any task and directly earn rewards
  • allow earning rewards in crypto
  • remove the need to set up any development environment
  • allow working on public as well as private projects
  • allow working on well-defined, single or multiple micro, medium and/or large tasks

Potential Impact

While the individual components of this idea may not be groundbreaking, I haven’t found a solution similar to the one described here. This idea allows anyone to work with everyone on anything, from anywhere at anytime, without any intervention.

Hopefully, this will lead to more exposure to the (developer) community in the (non)crypto space. If Akash and Filebase are being explored more, especially by developers, this will inevitably result in more applications being build using these techniques.



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