Akash Drive - Decentralized Cloud File Storage

Hello all! My name is Nickolas Casalinuovo, and I am currently a computer science student at Princeton University. My professional background is in web application development and database management. However, at school, I study machine learning.

I am very interested in Akash and furthering its development to increase adoption. I think something well-needed in our community are solutions that require no technical background to utilize. Web applications that connect with Keplr wallet are a great place to start for Akash. Utilizing Akash’s decentralized cloud computing on the back-end, these web apps will allow non-technical users to utilize the network without any experience. This - ultimately - will increase daily AKT spend.

For this reason, I plan to develop a decentralized cloud storage solution with Akash, similar to Google Drive. Starting off with the essentials, the UI that allows users to easily view and manipulate their files is very similar to Google Drive, which allows for a seamless transition. Also, users can share the files with other users and view files shared with them. Users will be able to add their Akash wallets to pay for larger storage instances.

I will keep this post updated with features. I’m excited for this project, and I would love to hear the community’s input!

Any funding for the application would be appreciated!
AKT address: akash1q4j88qf9m9pz825h3r269uvpwd96y3y43qs009


this is good use case, maybe have a look at using Owncloud or nextcloud + s3 plugin for primary storage to have Owncloud to connect to Filebase as s3 backend. it supports s3 natively using sdk. I think that will give you a great starting point. other option is to mount s3 using fuse inside the Docker container itself. Good luck.

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Thanks for the tip @jestovar1980 ! I was looking to mount s3 in the Docker container itself. I’m getting pretty far in terms of the front-end. I’ll follow up when I connect everything.

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Good idea, but be wary I am not sure you can run pods in privileged mode in Akash. because you will need s3fs or similar for mounting s3 in the container.

that’s probably a question for their Discord channel :slightly_smiling_face: