Akash Deployment Automation via GitHub

App Name: Sovryn Node
Description: The Sovryn Node being deployed on Akash demonstrates some tooling I’ve built while slightly extending the use of Akash’s own e2e-production (end to end testing). With some secrets in your GitHub repo it can automattically tear down and stand up (not blue/green yet :wink: but could be done) giving rise to a complete CI/CD platform anyone can use.
Who will use this? While the Sovryn Node will be niche, I am using the customized e2e setup to deploy more than 1 type of project, so anyone wishing to deploy on Akash.
How does it use Akash? I build a container with the customized e2e-production and Akash cli. The GitHub action can call the container and deploy virtually any container onto Akash. In the other repo under lebeau-remy on GitHub you can find the Sovryn Frontend that I’m using a bit more complex but a bit more interesting way of building then calling a completely different repo’s workflow to trigger the CD part.
Team: self
GitHub: GitHub - lebeau-remy/Sovryn-Node
Demo: (optional) End to End Automated Sovryn Node on Akash - YouTube
Public Key: (optional)