Akash Deploy UI Challenge - Akashlytics

Hello! I’m the co-creator of akashlytics.com and proud to announce that we will be participating in this hackathon by making a deploy ui.

The whole process of creating/hosting a web app on akash inspired me and my friend to create a fully dependency free desktop app that can be installed on windows/mac/linux in a few clicks and be able to do all the steps required to deploy in the same app, so create/import a wallet, fund the wallet, create a certificate, create a deployment, accept a bid to create a lease and finally, send the manifest.

So technically, we’re not using the cli since it’s not compatible with Windows. We basically coded our own wallet interfaces for transactions and ported some of the cli’s go code to javascript to support all the operations. Since it’s a desktop app, the user is in complete control of it’s certificate and most importantly, it’s private key or mnemonic.

The main goals are to make it:

  • Easy to use
    • No dependencies required, ie: no docker or cli needed to be installed.
    • Create or import an existing wallet, Keplr like.
  • Secure
    • Private key and certificate stored locally.
  • Accessible
    • Cross platform

Funny enough, we had the ambition to finish a mvp by the start of this hackathon so that people could start using it, but we’re not quite there yet, as this result required a lot of research and development. It’s an amazing coincidence and we’re more than happy to compete for that prize!

P.S. the repo is still private for now as it is not open-source friendly yet.


@baktun14 I’m excited about this project. Let me know how I can help.


@colo Thanks, sure will do!

Quick update on the project: We are finalizing on our mvp, doing testing making sure it works properly and handles some edges cases. We will soon start closed beta testing with some individuals. I plan on making a video demo or something like that for everyone to see what’s going on!

Here’s a little sneak peak… :wink: