Akash Decentralized VPN


Hi, I am Martin with Discord Min#6706 and here’s my profile:

  1. Beginner in Blockchain, Cyrptocurrency, and DeFi.
  2. Very happy validator on Akash Community and want to be permanently in Akash Family.
  3. Rapidly study and following Akash Network since the first competition and testnet.


One of my dream is deploying VPN on Akash Network because:

  1. Akash is our future and permissionless.
  2. A very good VPN should be Ephemeral and that’s one main feature of Akash to ensure no log or data stored into persistent storage (100% secure and anonymous).
  3. Super cost saving.
  4. Unlimited nodes to deploy.
  5. No restriction.
  6. Distributed and Decentralized.
  7. Kubernetes compatible.
  8. Very fast to deploy.

And for the maximum result, I am planning to use the dVPN from Sentinel which is supporting the most Decentralized Wireguard VPN that is now docker and Kubernetes ready.

The main problem of VPN

The top most trouble for VPN Node/Server:

  1. Problems from the Datacenter/ISP/Network Operator. Which is they are seems to watch VPN server that are against some of their rule/policy.
  2. Server/Network/Bandwidth Limitation.
  3. All the network from the users to VPN are safe, but, the traffic from the VPN Server into the destination can still be watched by the Datacenter, which sometimes can cause trouble.


My goal is creating a simple and user friendly way to use the Permissionless Decentralized Distributed VPN.

Approach and Targeted Result

  1. Using the Best Permissionless Decentralized network from Akash (https://akash.network).
  2. Involved with the community from Sentinel to dive and get the dVPN nodes and deploy it into Akash (https://github.com/sentinel-official/docs/blob/master/guides/nodes/dVPN/SETUP.md).
  3. Create simple interface or GUI for easier deployment and usage of the new Permissionless Decentralized Distributed VPN.

I am trying my best to clear the #1 and #2 for the Hackaton, and keep developing for the #3 as continuous project as VPN is my organization daily needs.

Current Progress, as for 7th July 2021


  1. Chat with Colinster#0001 on Discord for approval and support.
  2. Post Project Description on Akash Forum.
  3. Book the akashvpn.com and akash-vpn.com domain for later access.
  4. Involved and get support from the Sentinel dVPN Community to get the docker ready node.

To do next:

  1. Setting up an Akash Node special for maintaining projects.
  2. Discussing with the Akash core team to learn more the deployment skill needed. As I will facing the volume attachment and I am a beginner.
  3. Deploy the dVPN node and do testing.
  4. Build the simple-deploy feature for simplest one-push deployment and ease of use.
  5. Finishing the GUI to streamline the wallet creation and deployment.

The #4 and #5 may be done after the Hackaton

Future Development

The project will continue with future dream of:

  1. Simple GUI and deploy private node both Akash and dVPN with one-push-button. May be use Akash on Akash, and also multistage container.
  2. Possibility for pack all the feature into a multistage docker container.

Thank You

Thank you very much for the great support :smiley:
So far no need to send me AKT as I am Akash Validator (Bwlnet).

Very happy family to be together forever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very welcome for any advice and I would like to discuss with anyone experience with attaching volume to Akash like docker run --volume and docker compose for the best Yaml possibility.


Docker image ready to deploy,
Now searching for workaround about the Docker volume :slight_smile:


Very happy we got support from the Sentinel dVPN team,

  1. They will update the docker so we can avoid the Docker volume issue,
  2. In Paralel I have the below ready:
  • Draft Guide on https://bwl.network/sentinel-on-akash/
  • Funded Deployment wallet both for Akash and Sentinel
  • Ubuntu 20.04 VM with Akash suite and tested all the process in my Guide until “waiting for update” section

Thank You very much for the great support from Akash Family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This project is one of my dreams :smiley:

Kind Regards,
Martin (Min#6706)

As volume attachment is currently on going into mainnet,
We will definitely continue the project and guide after it’s ready to go :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So far Run Sentinel dVPN on Akash – Bwlnet Akash Validator
will be updated and preparing to continue when ready.

Thank You very much for the great support.

Kind Regards,
Martin (Min#6706)

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Hi @martin
great idea to make decentralized personal VPN based on Akash cloud. I personally really like Wireguard VPN.

Ready to collaborate in Wireguard part (we have 2-3 members in our Akash team).

Hi @rstm Thank You very much for the great reply,
My apology for the delay in my reply as I am starting the IBC Relayer for a while.

Don’t Mind to Discord me and chat?
Let’s coordinate together to create the production Grade VPN on Akash :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank You :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
And let me have Your Discord to chat

Kind Regards,
Martin (Min#6706)

Let me ping you in Discord.!

Hey Martin really interesting approach to the vpn solution. I personally am also deploying a Sentinel dVPN to Akash and have ran into a couple hiccups. Namely, NET_ADMIN is not configured on Akash Providers as it poses a security threat. Interested in speaking over discord to see where you’ve ran into issues.


You have been awarded a grant of $100 in AKT. Please submit a grant application if you’d like to apply for the next grant level of $1,000. Make sure to update your profile with your Akash address.

Thank You Very Much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

On progress making a good and strategic profile to connect both Discord and Github and will update :blush: