We’ve seen some major milestones in Akash’s development and ecosystem:

  • Cosmos Omnibus - We launched the all-in-one software package for running load-balanced validators with sentry nodes for the Cosmos ecosystem. The project includes support for Akash, Sentinel VPN, Gaia, Kava, Osmosis, Persistence One, Juno, Regen, and soon we will add support for Omniflix, Certik, and IRISnet.

  • Developer Grants Program - We launched our grant program designed to fund the Akash developer ecosystem, and this week we awarded over 100 developers in our first batch.

  • Akashlytics Deploy - One of our development partners launched a desktop app for Windows & Mac with an easy to use GUI for defining and deploying apps on Akash. Non-technical users are now deploying apps (Wordpress, Minecraft) on Akash in about 2 minutes.

  • Akash Insiders - We’ve onboarded a team of 20 (and growing) developers and technical writers to provide support and create educational content for customers, developers, providers, and partners.

  • Rapid Adoption - The number of active deployments more than tripled from 150 to 455 since our last meeting. We found our product was a fit for the crypto-mining market, with better pricing and performance compared to AWS.